Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Silly Spector Trial Links

I've been following the Phil Spector murder trial since opening arguments and participated extensively on the Court TV message boards regarding this case. The FIRST trial is over now, so this blog is a little late in the game, but what the hell. I'm anxiously awaiting the second trial!

Along the way, I came up with several images that were either topical or silly (mostly silly). Here is a list of some of the links:
  • Kathy Sullivan, a waitress at the Grill On The Alley, said that Phil once escorted her and a friend out to their cars, but insisted on going upstairs to get his shotgun first. Phil is, uh, diminutive, and she thought the gun was longer than HE was, making him look like Elmer Fudd.
Several of the key players in the first Phil Spector trial bear UNCANNY resemblances to other famous people (real and fictional). For instance:

Click here to see an overview of the above Switched-At-Birth thumbnails.

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