Monday, October 22, 2007

He's So Baaaaaad!

I just made an addition to the Switched-At-Birth gallery. I saw something tonight that was downright inspirational! The resemblance is hard to miss. He is SO baaaaaad!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Switched At Birth ... and Possibly Dropped On Their Heads

I forgot to include Punkin Pie vs. Sammy Hagar in the Switched-At-Birth section of an earlier post about my silly Spector trial links. It must have been a self-protection mechanism because you can only look at her just so many times without damaging your psyche.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Spector Trial Synopsis on Sprocket's Blog

Round about mid-September I started to respond to a post on the Court TV Message Boards in the Phil Spector Forum to try to explain why so many of us were seemingly obsessed by the Phil Spector Murder Trial. It just started POURING out of me and I realized that it would be much more than a mere response to a post. It was really quite cathartic to get it all out. It was also quite entertaining in many parts! So I gave it its own thread (broken into six parts). It was well-received, but little read since most people were concentrating on the main daily threads, which were racing along fast and furiously at about 2000 posts/day.

A few days later, Sprocket asked if she could post it on her own blog, Trials & Tribulations. I was THRILLED for the opportunity! Sprocket had been attending the trial on a near-daily basis since the beginning and blogging about it. She had befriended quite a few members of the press (especially Dominick Dunne, with whom she sat during most of the trial).

Between the two of us we cleaned it up (hey, I originally posted it in the wee hours of the morning, having put several hours into it at that point) and she posted This Trial Has Everything! on September 20, 2007. It's not only fun to reread, but it can also be something of a springboard for new discussions on how things might be done differently in the second trial.

Tributes to Lana Clarkson

Image Is Everything

Phil (67) sported a Little Dutch Boy hairdo for the first trial. Then he changed it to a look that would be more appropriate on a 16-yr-old skateboarder. Then he darkened it, presumably to look more adult.

Now that a new trial is afoot, what look will he debut in order to convey the essential image of innocence and purity? Perhaps it will be something like this. After all, that first impression is SO important!

My Silly Spector Trial Links

I've been following the Phil Spector murder trial since opening arguments and participated extensively on the Court TV message boards regarding this case. The FIRST trial is over now, so this blog is a little late in the game, but what the hell. I'm anxiously awaiting the second trial!

Along the way, I came up with several images that were either topical or silly (mostly silly). Here is a list of some of the links:
  • Kathy Sullivan, a waitress at the Grill On The Alley, said that Phil once escorted her and a friend out to their cars, but insisted on going upstairs to get his shotgun first. Phil is, uh, diminutive, and she thought the gun was longer than HE was, making him look like Elmer Fudd.
Several of the key players in the first Phil Spector trial bear UNCANNY resemblances to other famous people (real and fictional). For instance:

Click here to see an overview of the above Switched-At-Birth thumbnails.