Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Casey's Potential Makeover

Casey Anthony will be going to trial next year, accused of murdering her 2-yr-old daugher, Caylee. I think she did it. So do most people who have ever heard of the case. Casey had been flagrantly enjoying her partying lifestyle since her tot disappeared, not even bothering to tell ANYONE that her daughter was missing. Casey's mother finally confronted her and SHE was the one who called the police. Casey lied and lied and lied and lied, even when she didn't need to lie she lied. About EVERYTHING.

Hmmm, Casey needs to tone down her image for court to look as waifish and innocent as possible. However, she can't go for the schoolgirl look, because her little girl was the one who was murdered. Showing up in a girlish dress, knee socks and pigtails and/or barrettes won't go over well. No, she'll have to go for a staid, conservative, no-nonsense, asexual look. They need to tone down her sexiness at all costs, since it will only serve to remind people of the many sexy photos of her enjoying her freedom from parenthood. How about THIS look?

They'll probably throw in a pair of glasses like they did at one of the press conferences, although I suspect they'll invest a couple of bucks in some really thick, butt-ugly glasses that they dig up from a Goodwill or garage sale.

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